Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Special Day

Wow, today my baby turns 6. I really can't believe that he is 6 and has been in 2 weeks of 1st grade already! I asked Jon last night, how come our kids are getting older and we're not! (hee-hee). God has blessed us with a creative, active, outgoing, stubborn, funny (and many more things!)little boy. I pray that Jon and I are able to mold him to use his talents to better change the world and to show God's love in all he does. (excuse me while I wipe away my tears!)

Yes, our kids have been in 2 weeks of school already this year. So far, so good...they both love their teachers and are enjoying being back in school. Except maybe they are not loving the homework, but really, who does?

We had a great time the last few weeks of July on the west coast. It was great to be with friends and family again! Devon saw that is cousin Kyle had his haircut like a mohawk, and decided that is how he wanted his cut for school. He is now the coolest kid in the first grade. He actually looks really cute with it! Jon and I decided that if that was how he wanted to express himself right now, it was okay with us. Hopefully it won't lead to worse things down the road!

Both boys start soccer next week. There goes our weekends for the next 3 months! We enrolled them in Upwards Soccer this year. Along with practice they will also get a little bible lesson. Pretty cool.

As for Jon, the team is still working out the details of the touring schedule for 2007, but so far it looks pretty busy. I personally am not ready to really look at that or think about that yet!

There is something new with me...I am now a Southern Living at Home consultant. I decided I would like to try it, to have a little extra income for our family. I am hoping to give 5-6 parties a month. If you don't know what SLAH is, check out the website at They have great home items for decorating and entertaining. I am hoping to be able to finish decorating my home as well! :)

I guess that is all to catch you up on for now...we are eagerly awaiting fall. Right now it is still in the 90's most days. Jon went through his mouth surgery just fine. He had a few weeks of pain and not really eating solid food, but he is back to normal now! Thank God!

That's it for now...