Thursday, January 29, 2009

Only in the South

Tonight we went out to one of our favorite Chinese food places here in Georgia. Yes, I know we complain about the Chinese food here, but this place is pretty good (our other favorite here is Panda Express...I know...sad). We were given a gift this last week, which we used along with a $10 off coupon I had here at home already, and took the boys to dinner. Well, we were sitting and eating dinner and there was instrumental music playing in the background (nothing odd about that), but then I noticed that the music was "Awesome God". I told Jon, really, only in the south are you going to go into a restaurant and hear Christian music playing and nobody is getting upset or offended about it. Granted, it was instrumental, but still, we have been to plenty of places where it is not instrumental. Anyway, I am starting a new thing to my blog about things that are unique to the area where God has put us. On a side note, we tried a new chinese fruit called Litchi kinda looks like a very large, hallow, white grape (with no skin), and kinda taste like an orange. Very interesting!


Okay, this is the first post of 2009. I would tell you about all the great resolutions I have made...but I don't make them anymore. Too depressing when you can't follow through on them. I am going to TRY to eat better, exercise more, and read more this year. Maybe I can get better at keeping the house cleaner as well...but I guess time will tell. I have always wondered how many books I read a year, so this year I have started a list. So far I am on my third book this month. I just finished reading, "The Last Lecture", by Randy Pausch. Awesome little book. I won't give away any of the details, but it had me bawling at the end. I highly recommend it. After that, I had to read something fictional, so I just started "Last Kiss" by Luanne Rice. I have loved all of her books, and so far this one is just a good!

Anyway, on to family stuff. Ty, our 10 year old now has a blog. I am sure he will be much better about updating his then either Jon or I are about ours. I love how he describes himself. He says he is "The son of a missionary, a 10 year old bassoonist and a Jesus Freak." I think it will be great to see what he writes about...what is important to a 10 year old. Anyway, you should check it Leave him a comment...he will love it!

Devon is doing well. Still big time into video games. His newest obsession is the game Spore. Our family got it for Christmas. I still haven't played it...kinda looks fun though. If he is not playing video games, and the weather is anywhere above freezing, he is running around outside with all the neighborhood kids. If it is too cold outside, he is up in his room playing legos . He is such a fun, crazy, energetic boy. He is starting to get interested in email and all that, but not as much as his brother.

Jon is gearing up for a busy February. He will be gone most of the month. First he is doing a trip will Bill Drake to Southern California, and then he is going overseas to do another co lead on a tour. I will post detail on that at another time, but please be praying for safety for him while he is away, and for the boys and I at home. He is also getting ready to release a new CD. I am so proud of all the work he has done this year on this album project and can't wait for people to be able to hear it!

I am still working at OM part time. I am thinking about getting my Southern Living at HOME business started again, just so we have a little more spending money. I am enjoying my family, and miss my family from CA and OR all the time. I look forward to the times when I know we are getting visitors. I am also determined to start working on my scrapbooks again this year.

Well, this seems like it has kinda turned into a Christmas letter...the one I never did get out this year! You might have noticed that I changed the background to this blog. I really needed something colorful. The winter here in GA is very leaves on the trees, lawns go dormant, no flowers...I find it very boring and ugly! I love when spring gets here, you see such a difference! Anyway, that is the reason for the colorful background! Hope you enjoy it!

Devon being silly (on Thanksgiving)

The sun rising over our backyard