Monday, May 24, 2010

I will make it!

Jon comes home tomorrow! I am so thrilled! He has been gone for almost 3 weeks, and man am I tired! It is not even that the boys are bad, they really are good boys... it is just HARD work being a single parent! I have a whole new outlook on what other people go through! Once again, God has been good... He has sustained me, given me extra patience, comforted me when I couldn't sleep at night, helped me to be loving to the boys even when I was tired and just wanted time to myself! I know that sounds selfish, and it is... but you know, sometimes I just need to have "me" time! When they go to bed at night, I am too tired to do anything fun. I had really good intentions to work on my scrapbook this month and that hasn't happened at all! Here are some things I did get done... I painted my kitchen island, cleaned out my closet and organized my filing cabinet, and cleaned out my boys rooms, planted flowers, and mowed the lawn! Pretty good! I did want to stain the back deck, but never did get around to that! oh well. Here is one of my new favorite verses. I think it speaks so clearly of what we need to do as mothers. Yes, we are tired, but if we take that new grip and make sure we are gripping God's hand, He will give us what we need, so that we in turn can raise our children to love the Lord as well. No, it is not easy... but so worth it! Thank you God for ALWAYS being what I need, for being the ONLY thing I need!

 Take a new grip with your tired hands, stand firm on your shaky legs and mark out a straight, smooth path for your feet so that those who follow you, though weak and lame, will not fall and hurt themselves, but become strong.
Hebrews 12:12,13 tlb

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Go Away Little Girl" - Tyrone Tempos

Devon had his spring musical tonight with the Tyrone Tempos. He sang a solo! He was soo cute! He said he got the part because he was the only boy who could get through the song without cracking up! Here is the video.  Hope you enjoy my little crooner as much as I do,  I am so proud of him!  I love how he grabs the mic stand at the end!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Confession time

So, here is something that struck me as pretty funny today. Today was bathroom cleaning day (wait, that isn't the funny part), and I walked into our hall bathroom and noticed something on the wall. Then started laughing. I have a white wall bucket that I change the flowers in for the seasons, okay, I know there is nothing strange about that... but it is almost the end of May and this is what my wall bucket looks like...

CHRISTMAS HOLLY! I still haven't taken down my holly! It is 90 degrees outside, but it is still Christmas in my bathroom!  Okay, there is actually more to this story. Later in the day, I went out to the front porch to finish mopping up the pollen that is still covering everything. We NEVER use our front door, even when people come over, they usually come through the garage to the kitchen door... by the way, is that a Southern thing? I still am getting used to it... I have even had people come to my back deck and knock on the back door! Okay, I am getting sidetracked a little. After cleaning the porch, I went to go back in the front door and this is what I noticed...

Yep, more holly. I should really be ashamed of myself...  Just so you all know, I did take the holly down and replace it with more suitable geraniums and hydrangea. Now my house is ready for summer! Oh, and one more thing... this was also on my front porch.

Aren't they cute! This is the 3rd year we have had baby birds on the porch, I just love them!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nothing to report...

I have nothing to say... I had a day full of laundry, grocery shopping, sorting mail , cooking and soccer practice. I am at the end of the day, and I haven't really talked with anyone except my kids...I guess I am kinda lonely which makes me kinda boring too! hmmm... maybe tomorrow will be a better day, one can only hope!

Here is a funny picture I came across today from a few years ago!

Monday, May 10, 2010


 "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven ... A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance."  Eccl. 3:1,4 

Is dancing undignified? Some people think so, do you? I have always loved to dance. When I was a little girl, I loved to have the full skirts that would fly straight out when I would twirl! Oh how fun that was! As I got older, maybe Jr. High, but definitely into High School I got more into hip hop.  My friends and I would dance for HOURS! It was innocent fun, but I wasn't doing it for Jesus, I was doing it for myself and maybe to have people look at me, but definitely not for Jesus. In the past 5 years I have been able to see dance in a new way. I have been re taught who we should be dancing for and why. The bible says there is a time to dance, so obviously it can be used to worship our Heavenly Father, a way to draw us closer to him when words just aren't enough. It is also away to "clear the birds" as my lovely friend   says. It pushes back darkness, because true worship dance is only from God and for God.  King David dances in 2 Samuel.  It says he was dancing and jumping before the Lord. His wife came out and told him he looked "undignified", do you know what his response was? He said,"I will become even more undignified than this." I am sure David looked silly in his wild dancing, but especially from someone who is just watching and not joining in. He was in full worship to his Lord. I think sometimes we are too safe in our little churches to fully engage in the worship that David was experiencing. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way knocking the church. I absolutely love the church we are involved in... it is just something I have been thinking about lately. The question keeps coming to me "When was the last time you (meaning me) stepped out in courage and did something foolish for God?"   

 See these dance shoes?                                                     
                                                                           They make me ridiculously happy. They are mine! I started taking dance lessons in January. I haven't really danced in 17 years, and never really danced for Jesus. Now I am. I have even danced publicly 2 times now! Trust me... I can only do this because I know who I am dancing for. I am in a class with other women who haven't ever really danced before either. We are learning ballet technique and then worship dance. It is amazing! I can't believe what a stress release it is for me! My friend I mentioned earlier... the one who said dance "clears the birds", she is one of my teachers. She is the leader of an OM Arts International ministry called Dancelink. Look them up. She takes or sends dancers all over the world to do work for the Kingdom. Amazing, amazing ministry, and I am so blessed to be learning from her!  So, I will end this all to say that I want to be like King David and become even more undignified for my Lord! 

Praise His name with DANCING! Psalm 149:3

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is  Mother's Day! Hope you all called your Mom's and let them know how special they are! You don't realize how much work Mothers do, until you become one!  I once heard that “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  How true is that!  At church today, I also was reminded that God sent HIS OWN SON to die... could I do that as a mother? Of course I am not God (I know you are all thankful for that!), but still... I would gladly die for either one of my boys, but send one of them to die... I don't think so. 

I feel like God has given me these 2 wonderful boys to raise up. I don't care where they end up going to college, or what they do for a living, as long as they are whole heartily seeking after God. If they are doing that, I know they will be fine. I think that is my biggest prayer for them.  Of course I want them to marry Godly woman as well...who will like me!  :) Anyway... I am getting way off course here. What I wanted to tell you about was my day. I actually got a clue last night that the boys were up to something sneaky. When I went to clean up the kitchen before bed I found this note.

 You see, my son Ty is a planner. He likes to be prepared, so he clocked out his morning to make sure I would have breakfast by 7:45 am!  He got up and baked orange rolls and poured my coffee in a cute new coffee cup they got me with Jon's help before he left!  That in itself thrilled me, because I have no idea when this was planned!  

See... isn't the coffee cup CUTE!!! I love it! And of course he remembered to bring my PEPPERMINT MOCHA creamer! Such a good boy! They also had homemade cards for me, which I love to get! Then we all got ready and went to church. This is the flower I received when I walked into the church building. I love flowers... I grew up in the flower business and used to have flowers in my house all the time. Now, I have trouble spending money on them... but I LOVE them! So, this was a real treat!

After church the boys and I went to Quizno's and then just hung out at home for the rest of the day! It was fun and relaxing... just what Mother's Day should be! Hope you enjoyed yours as well, or helped make someone else's day special!

We all look a little goofy here... but I guess that is reality! 

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Camera shy? I don't think so...

I took my camera outside today to capture this picture..

I loved the rainbow in the water and wondered how it would capture in a picture. I love how it turned out! Then I noticed Devon standing to the side, so I took this one...

cute, right? Well, then he noticed I was taking his picture...

And it turned into some crazy pictures... why is it that boys act so strange sometimes? They don't worry about looking cute for the camera, or anything! This happens every time I get my camera out. CRAZY! Anyway, I thought I would share this little piece of my day with you!

"Mom, Mom, take a picture of my ear!" Ummmm... okay...

Gotta love the boy!