Thursday, April 20, 2006

Life Goes On

Well, we were invited to our first wedding here in Georgia. At first it didn't seem strange to me, but the more I thought about it, the more it freaked me out! It means we are really living here...we are building friendships and relationships here in Georgia. Which is a great thing, but it just hit me again that life goes on, no matter where you live. We left a whole lifetime of friends and family in California...and started a new life here. Our life is going on and so is everyone elses life back there...strange. I am noticing little things I am getting used to, like just now our weather alert radio signled that we are on tornado watch...ho hum...just like every afternoon here...when did I get used to that? I am leaving tomorrow for a women's retreat for our church. We are going to Banning Mills Resort and Spa. Sounds nice! I am not usually interested in these types of things, but I am looking forward to this. I guess I am looking forward to hopefully create deeper relationships here (since I really am living here now!). God is so good...that is all I can say about everything we have been through this past year or so. I know this is just kinda rambled thoughts, but I just needed to get it out! WE ARE LIVING IN GEORGIA!!!!!! I will write more on Monday, our 13th wedding anniversary! The picture I put on this is of one of the beautiful dogwood trees around our house!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I don't know what to title this!

Hey there,

I just wanted everyone to know (if anyone reads this!)that Jon did get home from Canada. He had an interesting spriritual battle happen there...I don't know if I should write about it here, but if you are interested email him or me and we will tell you all about it! Jon's parents are here now and it is great to see them and be with family again. There is just something so comforting to have parents around! The boys are also loving didn't hurt that Grandpa brought them slingshots! Last night we had a hot dog roast in the backyard and next week we are going to be doing some sightseeing. We are looking forward to it, because since we have been here, there hasn't been much time for us to do that! I think this week, our weather is in the 80s...perfect! I will write more next week!