Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Wow, I really need to get better at this! December flew by, we left on the 17th and traveled to Portland, Oregon. We got to visit with Jon's sister and her family for a few days before driving south about 5 hours to the seaside town of Bandon (where Jon's parents live). For the next almost 2 weeks we visited with friends, partners and family. It was a really wonderful time to connect with people whom we haven't seen in the last 2 years!
There is a church there that supports us, and we were able to hold a Sunday evening service to share with them what we have been doing the past few years. It was great to be able to let them know about the work they are involved in through us. Also, to share what we are looking into for this next year. We traveled back to Georgia on Jan 3rd. It was a long trip, but good!
Can you believe 2009 is done? I can't. It amazes me how time seems to just fly by. God once again got us through last year, even with the 2 pay cuts we took...He is so good and faithful! I hope everyone who reads this, truly understands that! 2010 is going to be busy as well. We have tons of opportunity for ministry this year. Jon is looking to lead a few tours on his own again, and we are looking into a mission trip this next summer that we can take as a family. I am sure I will write more about that when we get the details nailed down a bit more...I will share this, it will involve 5 countries, and about 4 or 5 weeks (about 7 weeks for Jon!). We are praying about how it will all work out, and haven't even started to figure out the cost yet! But, God has already brought money in to go towards it! Yes, He is good!
I think we will have to start support raising again this year, not fun, but necessary! It is funny that we are starting the year with the most ministry opportunities, and the lowest financial situation we have ever been in! We will definitely need to see God move is some big ways! Well, I feel like I am now rambling. So I will just end with my favorite pictures from Oregon! Enjoy!

Oh how we miss the beautiful Pacific Ocean!