Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun

It was HOT today... We did end up spending part of the day up in Atlanta at the High Museum checking out the classic car exhibit. So we managed to stay out of the heat... but this evening the boys were still hot. So, what do you do with 2 bored, hot, restless boys?  Yep, tell them to go outside and turn on the sprinkler!
The next few pictures are of the boys using the slip n slide. They are dark... it is my first attempt at using the manual focus on my camera... and I still can't quite figure all of it out. But, I guess the best way to do that is play around with it!

Just so you know, I suffered for my art here... I got a ton of mosquito bites while taking these pictures!  Devon came in the house when they were all done, and said,"Wow, today turned out really well!" Funny how a few hours of fun and laughter with your brother can make you forget the whole day you just spent arguing with him! Now they are happily getting ready for bed and sleeping in the same room together (they do each have their own room), thanks God for brothers who really do love each other!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My husband is a rock star...

"The place where God calls you is where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." Friederich Buechner

Here is Jon's latest video! (thanks I really love how it turned out. If you like the video, please repost it! If you like the song and want to hear more go to and buy an album! The quote above is one that we came across on our way into full time missions and I was just reminded of it again the other day. I think it is so true! God places certain passions and desires in us that we can be using to further His Kingdom. We just need to ask how we can be using these gifts for Him! I know this is not always easy... trust me, it was not easy to leave a steady job, house and family in California and move 3000 miles away, but God has shown us so many things along this journey! I am still amazed that Jon is able to take his passion, his love for writing and playing music and make a full time job out of it, AND use it for Kingdom purposes. Wow... thanks God! For me personally... I am still trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing. I love working with kids, and I do help out in church. I love to dance, and I am now on the path to bettering my skills. I never would have thought at 37 years old that I would start ballet lessons! But, God has used it, used it to touch others, and used it to teach me things. He is cool like that... :)  Are you using your passions to further God's Kingdom?  Just something I have been thinking about for myself, so I thought I would throw that challenge out there for you as well!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Okay, this is me getting on my soap box... A few hours ago I saw a 30 second clip from Katy Perry's new music video for "California Gurls". Now, I have loved that song since it came out... really cute, fun summer tune.  We listen to lots of different music at our house, and I personally have had tons of secular songs "speak to me" just as much as Christian songs. When I first saw the video clip, I have to admit I laughed... but I was by myself and my boys were not around. The more I thought about it, the more my stomach starting tying up in knots. My kids have sung this song in the car with me and I am positive the "melt your popsicle" line goes right over their heads (for now). This video will hit MTV tomorrow... and lots of impressionable young boys (and girls for that matter) will watch it over and over... is this really the image of girls I want to put in my boys' heads? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I thought about posting the clip here... but can't get myself to do it. I am struggling with how as a Jesus following mother do I protect my boys from this kind of garbage? I know the obvious answer is not to turn music channels on (and we don't usually, unless the boys are in bed or they are watching with us). Ty knows that if he is watching VH1 on Saturday morning for the video countdown and a Lady GaGa song comes on, he is to turn the channel, and he does!  But obviously I can't control what goes on when they are at friends houses. I just pray that Jon and I are teaching them the importance of guarding their eyes from what they look at and guarding their heart and mind when they are not with us.

Now, I realize that some of you reading this might not agree with me, might think I am being over protective or just silly about the whole thing and that is okay with me.  If you struggle with this, let me know... maybe we can bounce ideas off each other. If you think I am crazy, you can let me know that as well... I won't be offended! :)