Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ty takes over

Hey, it's me, Ty and I am taking over this blog! Don't tell my mom about this! She hasn't been blogging that much, so I don't think she will notice this post. I started 5th grade a couple months ago and am getting really bored. During the time I have outside of the educational world (a.k.a. school and homework) I have taught myself how to do some skateboard tricks. I have learned how to jump and do a wheelie. I have started band also. I am leaning to play the bassoon and I am thankful that God has provided a free bassoon and private lessons for me. I am also finishing up Cub Scouts and looking for a Boy Scout troop. What should I put next? Oh yeah,I am also playing soccer, and have scored 7 goals so far this season! Here are some pictures for the blog.

Peace out and good night!

oh, one more thing, I found this video on youtube and I wanted to see how many of you like it. If you are reading this, watch the video and then comment on it.