Monday, March 26, 2007

Take me out to the Ballgame!

You know it is spring when baseball starts! Ty and Devon are both playing America's favorite game this season. Opening day was this last Saturday. We left our house at 9:00 am and didn't return home again until 4:00 pm! We had opening day ceremonies with the teams parading around the fields, and then a former major league player spoke (Sorry, I don't remember his name!), and then we had the "National Anthem" and "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" sung and then a pastor came up and prayed over the players (have to say there are some advantages for living in the bible belt!). After all of that the boys got to do a climbing wall and then we ran over to Sonic for lunch. Ty's first game was at 12:00 and Devon's was at 1:30. So, this baseball field that Tyrone has is pretty cool...there are about 5 baseball diamonds for the games to be going on at the same time, but the only problem is it was 87 degrees outside and there is no shade anywhere to be found! Poor Jon had a baseball hat on and the top of his head still got a little burnt!

Ty is on a team of 7 and 8 year olds, and the team they were playing were like pros! They were hitting home runs and stealing bases! The players were kinda haggling our team as well...pretty bad attitudes. The other taam won. Actually they just called it a mercy game because our team was so far behind. Ty did hit the ball and almost got to first base!

Devon is on a team of 5 and 6 year olds. They try to hit the ball and after 3 strikes they get to hit it off the tee. Devon was pretty frustrated by the middle of the game because he said there was so many people yelling he couldn't hear what the coach was saying! Oh well, I guess he will get used to that. His team lost as well.

This week we have been having record breaking temps for this time of the year. It will be in the 80's all week. I love it! The only thing I don't love is the pollen. Apparently we had almost a record breaking pollen count today. It was something like 5.460 or something close to that! There is a blanket of yellow dust on everything outside! I have never had a allergy problem, but today I have been sneezing, runny eyes, sinus pressure, and a headache. I was told if I don't feel better by tomorrow to go get some Claritin. Someone else told me that most people who move to Georgia develope some kind of allergy to the pollen. Great. I tried to take a picture of the pollen on our deck so you can see how bad it really is! We are suppost to get rain later this week, so hopefully that will clear it out some!

Next week we are going to a lake house for part of spring break. I will write more about it when we get back!

Here are some more pics I thought you would enjoy!

Solomon getting big!

Ty and Devon enjoying a milkshake on the front porch!

Happy Spring!