Friday, January 05, 2007

I think it's love...

I wanted to introduce the newest member of the Simpson family. His name is Solomon and he's a lab mix (we think with poodle) and he is 8 weeks old. I just have to brag on him a bit. I really think he is the smartest puppy EVER! We have had him for 2 days now, and he already is going to the bathroom outside! Okay, so he is not letting me know yet that he needs to go out, but I take him out every few hours, AND he has been able to hold it all night! Brilliant dog! He sleeps in the laundry room for now, eventually he will be in our room...but he does need to learn a few simple commands sit and stay. I have not heard him bark yet and he whines very little. He is a cuddly, warm fir ball.

Out of the 2 boys, I think Devon is most smitten. Devon has been wanting a dog for years now, and just can't believe that he now has one! Solly really gets excited to see Devon also! Devon is learning how to feed the dog, and that will be his job in the evening.

The best part about Solomon is that he is a gift from God. We really wanted a labradoodle because they don't shed and are hypoallergenic. But, to buy one from a breeder is way too expensive (especially on a missionary budget!). We found him down at the local shelter with 9 of his brothers and sisters and really couldn't believe what we were seeing. You hardly ever see dogs like that at a shelter, because people can sell them for big bucks...anyway, we put down our $5 and took him home! Thank you God! It is amazing how faithful God is in providing for us. And is is also great for Devon to see that his faithful praying for about a year now has been answered.

On other news... We had an exciting thing happen a few weeks ago. Devon climbed about 30 feet up into a tree and we couldn't get him down! Yes, I had to call 911 and get the Tyrone fire department out to get my son down from a tree! The nice fireman said it was the first time that he knows about that they have had to rescue a child from a tree, he asked Devon if he had a cat up there with him. Ahhh, leave it to Devon!

We also had a great Christmas is California. It was wonderful to see all our family (or most of it anyway) and spend some time with friends.

Our weather here is still incredible. Most days we get into the high 60's. Not like the winter last year when I was frozen for 2 months. I hope it stays like this longer! Well, I have to start my day now.